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Vettivel & Co

Exporters of Palmyra Fibre & Stalks


         Vettivel & Co was started in 1900 by Late Mr.S.O.Vettrivel Nadar in the year 1900. Vettivel & Co was a sole proprietorship and after Mr.P.Pon Subbaiah took over the company in 1962, he started exporting palmyra fibre and stalks to USA. The company grew in size and became a full-fledged export company within 10 years. In 1980, the company was changed into a partnership company.

         At Vettivel & Co, we export palmyra fibre, stalks and mixtures. We buy palmyra fibre in its raw stage, process it by clearing, dying, grading and cutting, and export it to various buyers around the world. The majority of the exports from Vettivel & Co is to the US market. Other countries we currently export to are Sri Lanka, UK, Greece, Belgium and Netherlands. Vettivel & Co is the leading exporter of palmyra fibre in India.