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Vettivel & Co

Exporters of Palmyra Fibre & Stalks

What we do...

We are suppliers of high quality palmyra fibre (bassine) and stalks. We are the leading exporters of palmyra fibre and stalks in India. We are based in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India and export to many countries around the world.

With more than 100 years of history behind us, we thrive on quality and reliability to satisfy our clients. With emphasis on customer satisfaction, we take pride in our strong relationship with our customers. 

Our Products

1.Palmyra fibre (bassine) - undyed

2.Palmyra fibre (bassine) - dyed (brown or black)

3.Palmyra stalk - undyed

4.Palmyra stalk - dyed (brown or black)

5.Union mix - Palmyra fibre + Palmyra stalk mixture

6.PPE mix - Palmyra fibre + PPE monofilament